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Committed To A Sustainable Future 

Oz Yellow Uranium Limited believes that green energy is the way forward, and we see a future powered by clean nuclear energy. We believe that uranium will continue to play a crucial role in enabling the worldwide shift towards cost-effective and low-emission energy.

As moral acceptance of nuclear energy as a part of the green energy mix continues to grow, countries around the world are moving towards nuclear power. Globally there are 54 reactors under construction and 425 reactors planned and proposed worldwide.

Our commitment to sustainability also prioritises the health and safety of our people, with high standards and procedures to ensure the wellbeing of our people. We endeavour to engage with our stakeholders in a collaborative manner to continuously improve our contributions to local socio-economic and community development.

We also prioritise the protection of the environment, its diversity of flora, fauna and landscape, and expansive areas of pristine wilderness and local tourism. Oz Yellow has implemented measures to limit our environmental impact by ensuring the best exploration practices are employed to sustain both our business and the environment.

We believe that Uranium will help steer the planet toward achieving global carbon emissions targets, and we endeavour to do our part towards a greener future. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to excellence, Oz Yellow is well-positioned to lead the way in the Australian uranium industry.

Featured Projects

Liverpool is an advanced exploration target that has the potential to return immediate value to shareholders. Tenements are prospective for unconformity style uranium deposits, with similar geology to the world class Ranger, Nabarlek, and Jabiluka uranium deposits.  

The Oz Yellow uranium project areas within Ngalia Basin are highly prospective for Sandstone hosted & palaeo-channel uranium / vanadium mineralisation. 

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