Oz Yellow Uranium Ltd actively seeks investment opportunities in the Australian mining and resources sector, mainly focusing on uranium and Platinum Group Elements for the clean energy sector.

Oz Yellow’s network and support is a consortium of highly skilled entrepreneurs and business personnel with extensive dealings in high-risk investments and international trading and finance.  Our portfolio is comprised of sophisticated investments in the mining and resources sector.

Oz Yellow’s preliminary approach as an investment group targets the uranium and Platinum Group Element projects in the microcap prospecting sector in the Northern Territory of Australia by, amongst others, facilitating project development investment in the mining industry, including capital raising, sophisticated investment, risk assessment, tenement acquisition, and corporate governance implementations.

Oz Yellow is backed by a mining network with a long-standing focus on the Northern Territory in Australia, with exploration strategies for discovering unconformity-style uranium deposits with similarities to the Coronation Hill-style deposits of the South Alligator Valley region. South Alligator Valley areas are prospective for unconformity-style uranium deposits in a similar geological setting to the world-class Ranger, Nabarlek, and Jabiluka uranium deposits. The company is also seeking opportunities to grow and develop sandstone paleochannel style uranium mineralisation located within and marginal to central Australia.