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Highly Prospective Tenement Package

Our tenements are located in areas where advanced exploration targets have been identified. These targets have the potential to provide significant value to our shareholders. Our tenements are highly prospective for a variety of mineralisations, and the geology of our tenements is similar to that of established world-class deposits.


We are committed to continuing our efforts to unlock the full potential of our tenements and believe that our tenements represent an excellent opportunity for investors.

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Liverpool Project

Ngalia Basin Project

Tenements comprises 5 exploration licenses totaling 1,464km2 and are prospective for high-grade unconformity style uranium mineralisation, with similar geology to the world class Ranger, Nabarlek, and Jabiluka uranium deposits.

The project is considered highly prospective for both Tertiary-style (palaeo-channel) and Bigrlyi-style (tabular sandstone) uranium mineralization.

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