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Ngalia Basin Uranium Project

Prospective for sandstone hosted & palaeo-channel uranium / vanadium mineralisation

The Ngalia Basin Project lies approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Alice Springs and comprises 8 exploration licenses totaling 4,773km2, six of which are situated wholly within Aboriginal Freehold Land represented by the Central Land Council (CLC).

The project is considered highly prospective for both Tertiary-style (palaeo-channel) and Bigrlyi-style (tabular sandstone) uranium mineralization.

Limited historical exploration has been completed within granted tenure (EL 32080 & EL 24808) and drill ready targets prospective for Sandstone hosted & palaeo-channel uranium/ vanadium mineralisation has been identified.

Previous explorers discovered anomalous uranium values while drilling a 15km long section of paleochannel at the “Afghan Swan” prospect along with additional targets (Y-206 & Y-66) – ready to be drill tested once the program of work (POW) is approved.


Oz Yellow Uranium Ltd intends to hold an extensive exploration program over the uranium-rich and under-explored central portion of the Ngalia Basin Uranium Mineral Field.

Current published JORC resources within the Ngalia Basin as quoted in the Northern Territory Geological Survey Fact Sheet, October 2021 ( include:

  • Malawiri Deposit: Energy Metals Ltd 0.42 Mt @ 0.13% U3O8

  • Walbiri Deposit: Energy Metals Ltd 10.9 Mt @ 0.064% U3O8

  • Cappers Deposit: Energy Metals Ltd 22.0 Mt @ 0.015% U3O8

  • Angela Deposit: Marenica Energy Ltd 10.7 Mt @ 0.13% U3O8

  • Napperby Deposit: Core Lithium Ltd 9.5 Mt @ 0.038% U3O8

  • Bigrlyi Deposit: Energy Metals Ltd 7.5 Mt @ 0.13% U3O8, 0.12% V2O5

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